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There are different ways of traveling to the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador; the deeper you go, the better the experience and the wildlife approach. An Amazon Cruise is not as common as staying in an Eco lodge, but it provides a completely different perspective on the Amazon experience. The best highlight would be the more extensive coverage of the Amazon Rainforest, as you will be traveling down some of the richest Amazon rivers throughout the trip!

You can also have longer trips, starting from 4 all the way to 8 days. With the greatest comforts on board, including private standard or deluxe suites, panoramic balconies, an outdoor hot tub, international cuisine, a lounge, and the most extraordinary views of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest.

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Which is the difference between deep Amazon Eco Lodges and Amazon Cruises?

The main difference between Amazon Eco Lodges and Amazon River Cruises is regarding the type of accommodation and features both options have.

Tourists enjoying an external jacuzzi in the amazon rainforest

Deep Amazon Eco-Lodges has a wide range of categories. You can find backpacker style, standard, mid-range, or the most luxurious lodges.  You can travel to different regions according to your travel plans and preferences.

Eco Lodges are located at Tena, Cuyabeno, or Coca (close to the Yasuni National Park area). One of their most significant advantages is that they have outdoor areas with hammocks, various lounges, restaurants, and trails where you can spend your free time after each day’s activities enjoying the sounds and views of the Amazon; some lodges even include kayaks in their rates. All the eco lodges are located inside the communities, so besides enjoying an Amazon adventure, you are also helping to develop Amazon communities. Amazon Eco Lodges offers 3- to 5-day tour packages; you can also book longer stays or specialized birdwatching tours.

Amazon cruises are luxurious; they’re perfect if you are looking for comfort and a high-end experience while exploring the deep jungle.

Since you travel during the night, you access remote places and get a more diverse Amazon experience.

For Amazon cruises, there are two options: the Manatee, a first-class vessel, and the Anakonda, the most luxurious option. Both cruises offer amazing social areas such as a lounge, an al fresco restaurant, observation decks, a bar, a boutique, and a hot tub with amazing views. This top cruise line offers regular cabins and deluxe suites with a private jacuzzi in each cabin in 4, 5, and 8-day all-inclusive programs.

The accommodations on board the Anakonda cruise consist of 18 suites: 10 standard suites with a private balcony. The suites are fully air-conditioned and have powerful hot-water showers. 4 Deluxe Suites, which can accommodate single, double, or even triple occupancy with ease. The bathrooms feature a gorgeous whirlpool-style tub, and each cabin has its own private balcony, combined with ceiling-high windows for an unrivalled view of the Amazon.

The accommodations on board the Manatee cruise consist of 14 suites: The standard suites are perfect for couples or couples with one child. The boat also features two sets of connectable cabins (4 in total) for groups or larger families. Standard suites include gorgeous French-style balconies.

The deluxe suites are perfect for romance, featuring a jacuzzi-style bathtub for you to relax in. The balconies are also large and completely private. Triple occupancy can be easily arranged for those who are bringing a child with them.

Yes, all the Amazon River cruises visit one community on their itineraries. Depending on the itinerary you choose, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the Secoyas people, a minority ancestral culture who live near Yasuni and will show us how to prepare traditional cassava bread during your visit.

Or you’ll visit an authentic Kichwa family on the banks of the Napo River, where you will have the opportunity to learn directly from members of the local community about their lifestyle, traditions, and cosmovision.

Your adventure begins in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. After a 45-minute flight from Quito to the Amazonian city of Coca, you’ll be transferred to the dock and board our motorized canoe for a 90-minute journey down the river, taking in the beauty of the Amazon, until we reach the Manatee or Anakonda cruises and receive our warm welcome aboard.

Anakonda or Manatee cruises has 4, 5 and 8 programs starting in different days of the week. Ask our travel advisors for the day-by-day activities and details about this life changing experience.


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