The Pink Dolphin: An incredible mystified animal

The Pink Dolphin: An incredible mystified animal
Can you imagine navigating through beautiful rivers surrounded by vegetation while seeing an amazon river dolphin swimming next to you? Learn more about this incredible mystified animal.

The pink dolphin or amazon river dolphin is one of the most striking animals you can see in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. One theory says that when the Andes became a mountain range millions of years ago, several marine dolphins stay trapped on one side of the mountains and adapted to the environment of the Amazon region. Below you will find some important information about this amazing animal. Remember that Expedition Ecuador has the best tours for you to see pink dolphins!

First, you should know that the amazon pink dolphin is not a common animal. Of all the river dolphins, this is the largest one. It has a length of 2. 5 meters and stands out for the pink hue on its body. While they are known for this color, they only have it for one stage of their lives. At birth and in youth they have a grey color, in adolescence, they acquire a light grey color and in adulthood, they have a pink color caused by the wear and tear of their skin. It is also different from other dolphins in having smaller eyes, shorter fins, and a long, pointed snout.  

This amazon rainforest dolphin also stands out for being a very playful and curious animal. They are very good at interacting with humans, especially those who travel in small boats. Can you imagine sailing through beautiful rivers surrounded by vegetation while seeing pink dolphins swimming next to you? It’s hard to explain in words how it feels to live this experience. Most tours in the Ecuadorian Amazon include boat trips, so there’s a great chance you’ll get to see them.

A playful pink dolphin swimming in an Amazon River.
A playful pink dolphin swimming in an Amazon River.

Where can you see pink dolphins in Ecuador?

The pink dolphin swims in the rivers of Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest, especially in the Cuyabeno Reserve and in the Yasuní National Park. These animals also have a greater number of vertebrae which gives them a lot of flexibility and makes it easier to swim between the roots and vegetation. Within the Napo region, pink dolphins have been seen in the Coca, Payamino, Indillama, Pañayacu, Tiputini, Tivacuno, Yasuní, Nashiño, Shiripuno, Cononaco, and Curaray rivers. Check out the Caiman lodge 5-day program here.

A mystified animal

This amazon river dolphin has also been the inspiration for a series of myths and legends created by local communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon. According to the legend, the pink dolphin was a young indigenous warrior, but an ancient God became envious of the warrior’s masculine attributes and decided to transform him into a dolphin and condemn him to live in the rivers and lakes of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Residents of indigenous communities also believe that, on full moon nights, the pink dolphins in the rainforest turn into handsome men, get out of the water, and start flirting with women of the communities. Check out other fun facts about the Ecuadorian Amazon here.

What do you think about this amazing animal and its history? Would you like to navigate through the rivers of the Ecuadorian Amazon while they swim next to you? Rarely do you have the opportunity to see unique animals that captivate you with their playful mood and their eye-catching presence. If you want to know more about tours to see pink dolphins, do not hesitate to contact us!


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