Chimborazo: Reaching for the Sun

Chimborazo: Reaching for the Sun
In the heart of Ecuador’s Andean landscape stands Chimborazo, a silent sentinel reaching for the heavens. It may not be as tall as Mount Everest, but this sleeping giant holds a secret: it is the closest point on Earth to the sun. Join us as we unravel the mysteries surrounding Chimborazo, from the legendary expeditions of Alexander von Humboldt to the poetic reflections of Simón Bolívar. Whether you’re an experienced mountaineer or an outdoor enthusiast seeking new horizons, Chimborazo beckons with its towering beauty and boundless wonder.

Revealing the Legend: Alexander von Humboldt

Uncovering a Poetic Soul: “Mi delirio sobre el Chimborazo” by Simon Bolivar

Discovering the Heights: How Tall Is Chimborazo Volcano?

A Mystery Solved: Is Chimborazo Higher Than Everest?

Start the journey: How to visit Chimborazo Volcano

Embracing the Adventure: Activities Around Chimborazo


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