Mashpi Lodge: An immersive trip into nature

Mashpi Lodge: An immersive trip into nature
Our top travel advisor Sofía tells her experience in Mashpi Lodge Ecuador, a true oasis of peace and comfort in the middle of the forest. The majestic views, the adventure activities, and the surrounding nature make it a perfect place to create unforgettable memories.

The trip to Mashpi Lodge Ecuador gave me a truly deep connection with my adventure and conservation spirit. This magical place offers immersive experiences where nature becomes the main protagonist since you can find it in every corner of this luxury lodge. It’s safe to say that this is one of the most unique places in the world. The altitude variation creates microclimates that make this place a biodiversity hotspot in both flora & fauna. About 25% of this species cannot be found anywhere else in the world! Expedition Ecuador brings you some of the most remarkable experiences, as I had at Mashpi Lodge.

A memorable start with unique activities

My journey started on Friday when we were picked up by a transfer guide. The whole trip had astonishing views of mountains and villages. After 3 hours on the road, I saw these huge rustic doors that almost blended in with the ambiance. We were in fact at the very entrance of Mashpi Lodge! I could tell right from the beginning that this was going to be one of the most amazing Ecuador tours I have ever had.

From there it’s a 20-minute ride to get to the hotel. I was welcomed by kind staff members and a delicious “wayusa” lemonade. There is this beautiful lookout point right outside where you can observe an abundance of trees covered with a dose of clouds on top. By the time I finished admiring the view, my luggage was already inside the room. The ceiling-to-floor window in the room gives this wonderful view of the cloud forest and the impression you are floating on a cloud.

Room in Mashpi Lodge with a ceiling-to-floor window

For breakfast and lunch, you’ve got a buffet, the menu overall was filled with delicious Ecuadorian gastronomy. The highlight for me was a vegetarian ceviche, it was one of the best I’ve ever had. Right after lunch, we had a meeting with an expert guide. He gave us general information about the lodge, the activities, safety measures, flora & fauna, and all I need to know about this Ecuador tour. He explained how the first activity is always set for you, but after that, you can choose what you want to do based on your physical condition and interests. I decided to do some adventure activities like the Sky Bike, the Observation Tower, and the Copal Waterfall. Check out our Mashpi Lodge tour here.

The vegetarian ceviche is one of the best dishes in Mashpi Lodge.

I grabbed my backpack and water bottles and met with our guide Manolo. It was pouring outside, so we were provided with rain boots, rain ponchos, and a stick (much needed for balance & highly recommended especially when it’s raining). The Sky Bike it’s a metal cage-bike structure on a canopy wire in which the person on the back pedals on the way up and on the way back you switch.

I experienced what I can only describe as a bird’s perspective. It was very cloudy because of the rain, I saw treetops and the soft mountain outlines blending in with the fog, it was just breathtaking. Then we did a small hike to the observation tower, I walked all the way to the top and was rewarded with a striking view that words can’t describe. I think that the rain and the clouds made it more wonderful.

The observation tower is one of the most beloved attractions in Mashpi Lodge.

Then we went to the Copal Waterfall, and we were told that we could walk under it, which I did. By this point, I was drenched but it was so worth it, there is something magical about being hit by a waterfall! I walked back to the hotel and had a nice hot shower.

Luckily, it stopped raining, so I was able to do the night walk. This walk is completely optional but again highly recommended! I saw toads, frogs, and insects. We were lucky enough to see a kinkajou (small mammal) jumping on the trees! Then I went back to the hotel and Manolo gave us options and recommendations so we could choose our itinerary for the next couple of days, I wanted to do as much as I could.

For dinner, you can order from a menu, and you’ve got many options. You can also order the cocktails which are a signature of Mashpi eco lodge Ecuador. After dinner I was exhausted and full, so I went straight to bed.

Nature at its purest level

On Saturday my day started at 6:30 am. Every day at the terrace they teach you how to properly use the binoculars/telescopes for around half an hour, but the thing is that at this time the birds are very active so you can spot many of them, I saw a bunch of tangaras, toucanets, and other species!

Then I went to magnolia waterfall, the hike itself was not hard, and most of it was downhill. I kept walking to a “Jacuzzi” as our guide called it, it’s a small waterfall with a natural pool area. I hesitated for a little while but eventually, I dived into the water and it was really nice! I continued the hike walking literally in the river. The view there is marvelous, imagine a desolated rainforest with huge trees, giant leaves, and no other human in sight.

Then we arrived at The Dragon Fly. This is an open-air cable car where you will be at tree-top height, it’s a feeling that you will never forget! On the ride, I saw the small waterfall I dipped into earlier and where it came from (another much bigger waterfall). The view was strikingly beautiful. At that precise moment, I realized the uniqueness of the combination between the Cloudforest, the Ecuadorian Amazon, and the Rainforest in Ecuador. Check out our one day trip to the Cloudforest here.

The Dragon Fly is a striking attraction in Mashpi Lodge

In the afternoon we went to the life center and switched guides. Our new guide was Nixon, a local person that worked in the construction of the hotel and founded the butterfly farm. It was a great opportunity to do birdwatching. At the butterfly farm, I learned about their breeding and conservation process. The sky was oddly clear, so I was able to see a beautiful reddish sunset.

The perfect way to say goodbye

On our last morning, I decided to go to the hummingbird garden and have breakfast there too! Best choice ever! I got there around 6:20 am and I was able to see an owl and a lot of birds before even going to the hummingbird garden. Nixon took my breakfast up there for me to eat and then I returned to the hotel. I finally packed everything up and said goodbye to this amazing place!

Having breakfast in the middle of the forest is possible in Mashpi Lodge.

One of the greatest things about Expedition Ecuador is that we are a local agency, so we know firsthand all the places and destinations we offer to make sure you have the best possible experience.

Dear readers, you can contact Sofia so she can tell you more about her trip!


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