One day trip to the Cloud Forest

One day trip to the Cloud Forest
To find the lushest vegetation of the jungle in a warm, temperate, and humid climate, you must go to the amazing cloud forest.

To find the lushest vegetation of the jungle in a warm, temperate, humid, sometimes cold, rainy, and always enigmatic climate, just decide to travel about 2 hours from the capital of Ecuador, Quito, towards the foothills of the Andes, heading to the coast.

The mountain range, this majestic assemblage of mountains and snows has on its slopes, the landscapes, and trails that after millions of years of formation have been drawing canyons of the most varied and intense greens, which are reflected in the abundant and crystal-clear waters of the countless rivers that are searching their way towards the plains and finally to the Pacific.

Tropical cloud forests are characterized by their ability to capture moisture introduced by forming clouds. The persistent fog creates an unthinkable level of vegetation. These climatic conditions allow the soil to be covered with moss, ferns, and flowers as exotic as orchids. In addition, we can find an impressive number of species of birds, insects, and other animals.

Where can we find a place where all that bonds together to create a true paradise on earth? We headed to the Bellavista Cloud Forest Lodge about 2 hours from Quito. We left early in the morning and soon realized that this was one of the best decisions we made. We witnessed an abrupt change in the landscape as we traveled and at the same time, we felt how the weather changed. It is difficult to explain in words the feeling of watching the sun take over the landscape illuminating mountain ranges. No matter how hard I try, the description of such an image will never do justice to seeing it in real life.

When you enter the Bellavista Cloud Forest Lodge, it becomes clear why it is one of the most important private ecotourism reserves. There’s not a corner where you don’t see and feel the nature. It is an immersive experience that makes you feel part of this 700-hectare ecological reserve. Enjoying a delicious breakfast and being greeted by the friendly caretakers of the lodge is the beginning of a memorable adventure. Finding birds of all colors on each trail, with their trunks accompanying the walks, makes all the senses sharpen to try to detect their presence among the imposing trees, the lush vegetation, and the ever-present fog.

One of the birds for which Ecuador is recognized is undoubtedly the hummingbird. It is here that you can find the greatest number of different species flying over the paths or enjoying the watering holes that attract these birds and allow visitors to enjoy their buzz and intense colors very up close.

When you walk the trails, you can find the most diverse insects, among ferns and mosses, where it is not strange to see how the multifaceted amphibians try to hide among ferns, leaves and scrub. After a long walk where the rain was unable to silence the multiple sounds produced by all the animals, we ended a day full of learning and experiences.

Life in this cloud forest is reproduced as it did millions of years ago, and visitors can feel part of a conservation process by enjoying the air and nature that is preserved thanks to the efforts of locals and outsiders who have seen in this paradise their new home.

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