Rediscovering Quito’s Historical Heritage

Rediscovering Quito’s Historical Heritage
Enter the historic tapestry of Quito’s colonial center, a UNESCO World Heritage site nestled amidst the majestic Andean peaks. From its ancient Inca roots to the enduring legacy of Spanish colonization, this reveals a captivating blend of history, art, and culture. Join us on a journey through time as we explore the resilient spirit of this colonial gem, from the beautiful Plaza de la Independencia to the bohemian retreat of La Ronda.

The Prelude: Quito’s Ancient History

Conquest and Construction: The Spanish Legacy

Independence Plaza: Where Past Meets Present

Basilica del Voto Nacional: Gothic Splendor

La Ronda: A Bohemian Retreat

City Museum: Connecting Threads of Time

El Alabado Museum: Echoes of Ancient Ecuador

How to Explore Quito’s Historic Center


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