The 5 best veggie & vegan restaurants in Quito

The 5 best veggie & vegan restaurants in Quito
In Ecuador’s capital, Quito, there is a wide variety of restaurants that offer food for vegan or vegetarian people.

Vegetarian and vegan food choices continue to be trending around the world. In Europe, the European Vegetarian Union (EVU) has registered significant numbers on the consumption of vegetarian and vegan food. In Germany, for example, it is estimated that 7. 8 million people have a vegetarian diet, and 1 million people a vegan diet.

The situation in other countries is similar: in Belgium 2% of the population is vegetarian, in Austria 3%, in Switzerland 5%, and in the United States 4%. In Latin America this is a trend that is also growing, more and more people prefer a vegan or vegetarian diet. It is important to emphasize that vegan and vegetarian diets differ significantly. The vegetarian diet excludes all types of meat while the vegan diet excludes all food that comes from animals such as dairy, eggs, etc.

The growing supply that exists for more vegan and vegetarian options has led businesses and large food brands to adapt and create products that meet that demand. There are many people who decided to change their diet and become vegetarian or vegan but somehow miss the food they ate before. For this reason, all sorts of vegan and vegetarian foods and products are being created such as burgers, chocolates, chocolates, candies, chewing gum, desserts, cakes, and snacks.

Fortunately for vegetarians and vegans, they can find options according to their diet in almost every country in the world and Ecuador is no exception. In fact, in Ecuador’s capital, Quito, there is a wide variety of restaurants that offer food for vegan or vegetarian people. If you are visiting this beautiful city and are looking for one of these restaurants, keep reading the article to know some options that may interest you.


Tandana calls itself an “activist restaurant.” The name already suggests that it is not a place simply linked to gastronomy. Tandana offers delicious vegan cuisine to create a space for entertainment, reflection, and to promote the protection of nature and the rights of animals and vulnerable groups.

The food prepared in Tandana is made with local organic products that come from the work they do with vulnerable groups of a community. In Tandana you can eat soups, salads, fries, burgers, pizzas, craft beers, coconut and almond milk, cappuccino, mocaccino, and different desserts. Tandana is open from 12:45 to 18:30 in the park “Mirador de Guápulo.” You can follow them on their Instagram account @tandanaecuador.

The Vegan Spot

The Vegan Spot is one of the best-known vegan food restaurants in Quito. It has a wide range of options and different combinations in dishes as well-known as burgers, fries, burritos, and hot dogs. For the burgers you will find ingredients such as chickpea, avocado, red pesto, pickles, tomato, onion, zuquini, and more. Chips can be eaten with vegan nuggets, nachos, or kimchi. In The Vegan Spot you will find healthy and delicious lunches to delight your palate. The Vegan Spot is currently remodeling its restaurant and will soon notify its customers of the exact address and opening hours. You can follow them on their Instagram account @theveganspotec.

El Maple

El Maple will offer you a different proposal for all vegan and vegetarian people. This restaurant prepares dishes of the day with natural and organic ingredients in a comfortable and cozy place. El Maple was born in 1993 as a contribution to the vegetarian community in Quito. Here you will find all the vegetarian and vegan dishes you can imagine. In addition to burgers, pizzas, and desserts, you will also find typical food of Ecuador prepared with 100% vegan ingredients. You can visit El Maple from 10:00 to 17:30 on Joaquín Pinto Street in the north of Quito. Follow them on their Instagram account @elmaplerestaurante.

Identidad Natural

Identidad Natural is a restaurant, cafeteria, and eco shop where you can find a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes. The food they offer is very special, so you can find desserts, pastas, empanadas, soups, burgers, pizzas, and even vegan sushi. Identidad Natural also has an eco-store where you can buy different products like different types of cheeses, frozen pizzas, tempeh and more. Please note that you can go to this restaurant from 09:00 to 20:00 also in the north of Quito on Yanez Pinzón Street. Don’t forget to follow them on their Instagram account @identidadnatural.

Don’t forget to visit these places if you’re in Quito and you’re looking for vegan and vegetarian places with delicious and healthy dishes.

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