Unique culinary experiences 1: Five typical dishes from the Ecuadorian highlands

Unique culinary experiences 1: Five typical dishes from the Ecuadorian highlands
One of Ecuador’s four worlds is the Ecuadorian highlands. Here we will describe five typical dishes from this region.

One of the four worlds Ecuador has to offer is the Ecuadorian highlands. This region is particular for the immeasurable amount of mountains, volcanoes, snow-capped mountains, hills, and rivers. Its temperature is varied, in its ten provinces you can find hot, temperate and cold areas. All the particularities of this magical region are closely related to each other.

Typical food is not the exception. Do you think that the geographical and meteorological characteristics we just detailed have nothing to do with the typical food of this area? Here we will explain how everything is interconnected by describing five typical dishes from the Ecuadorian highlands.

If there is something that is particular to the food of this region and to Ecuadorian food in general, it is the multiplicity of ingredients in one dish. The Ecuadorian churrasco is a traditional dish made with roasted or fried meat, fried egg, fried potatoes, ripe plantains, tomato, onion tanning and avocado. You must be wondering how so many items fit on one plate. The answer is simple: the contrast and harmonious union of many elements is something inherent to Ecuador. As well as the diversity of mountain areas and climates, each dish from this region will make you fall in love with its variety and combination of ingredients.

Another obligatory dish for any tourist is the “Locro de papa”. This is a classic Ecuadorian soup made from potatoes. Avocado and delicious slices of cheese are added to this dish, which melt due to the temperature of the soup. Apart from its irresistible taste, the incredible thing about this soup is its journey through time. This soup is ancestral, original civilizations like the Aymaras or the Incas prepared this dish and its essence has been maintained until today.

A dish from this region that combines history with a unique variety of elements is the famous “Fritada”. The base of this dish is fried pork and it is served with a lot of ingredients like boiled potatos or fried potato tortillas, cooked corn, pickled onions and tomatoes, fried ripe plantains, broad beans and more. This dish was born in the colonial era in the early 1800s. The colonizers brought the pigs to the American continent and taught European cooking techniques to the native peoples. Afterwards, they used these techniques and created the wonderful combination of ingredients typical of the Ecuadorian highlands.

Remember we said that Ecuador’s many contrasts are also present in its typical food? Let’s change flavors and go from salty too sweet with the delicious figs and cheese dessert. This traditional Ecuadorian dessert uses the particular fruit of the fig to make a delicious dish accompanied with cheese in order to mitigate the sweet taste of the fruit. This contrast of flavors makes the figs and cheese a unique dessert. Another typical dessert of the Ecuadorian highlands is called “Dulce de babaco”. This dessert uses the babaco fruit that is native to Ecuador to make an extremely delicious dish in syrup.

The Ecuadorian highlands will not cease to surprise you. There is a phrase that says that “the discovery of a new dish is of more benefit to humanity than the discovery of a star”. Remember to try these delicious dishes if you are in the Ecuadorian highlands and you will discover that their flavors will add more unforgettable experiences to your trip. Follow us for more tips.


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