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Guango lodge, located near the paramo and hot springs of Papallacta, is a paradise for hummingbird lovers and photographers. You can see among 14 species of hummingbirds within an hour is not uncommon, and the sword-billed hummingbird with its unique, long bill is sure to amaze you. Its scenic vistas and a variety of trails offer you amazing opportunities to hike in a pretty setting surrounded by forest-covered mountains. This small, cozy lodge is right in the middle of it all.

Beautifuls hummingbirds at Guango Lodge

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  • Use of facilities and trails
  • Entrance to the Reserve
  • Purified water
experience on cloud forest


Enjoy the magic of panoramic views along the country.


By hiking in the islands, you will be a witness to land species in their Natural habitat.


Start experiencing the Amazon River's wildlife and landscapes on canoe rides.

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