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Mashpi lodge is located in the Metropolitan District of Quito, it is only about 100 km northwest of Quito, was built at 950 meters above sea level. The surrounding reserve ranges in altitude from 500 meters to 1200 meters above sea level. This transitional state combines with the tropical and subtropical climates to create a spectacular site, teeming with a variety of flora and fauna that is seldom found in such startling variety.

Mashpi lodge is a wonderful and unique place, an oasis of peace and comfort in the middle of the forest. Its accurate lines and delicate curves contrast nicely with the surrounding nature. The architecture of the award winning 24-room hotel features breathtaking views of the surrounding forested mountain right up close through its floor-to ceiling panoramic glass windows. Indulge in gourmet gastronomy and find refuge in a room offering majestic views of the forest while providing total comfort.

Room in Mashpi Lodge with a ceiling-to-floor window

Mashpi Lodge itineraries

Prepare yourself to immerse in one of the most biodiverse locations in the world.


WAYRA ROOM $733 price one person per night YAKU SUITE $888 price one person per night
  • Day 1 – Pick up Quito- trails of the Reserve
  • Day 2 – Bird watching excursion (Mashpi has several option and it will be organized that day)
  • Day 3 – Bird watching- check out- Transfer to Quito

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Mashpi Lodge details

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  • Up to 50 guests with extra beds.
  • 24 Rooms:
    • 3 Suites Yaku de 46.4 m – 1 King size bed
  • 13 Wayra Rooms de 38.7 m
    • 2 Full – size beds
  • 7 Wayra Rooms de 34 m
    • King-size bed
  • 1 Wawa Room 21.3 ,
    • 1 Full-size bed
    • 6 interconnected rooms (3 Wayra Twin 3 Wayra King)

Why to choose Mashpi Lodge?

Closer to Quito than the Amazon rainforest, yet offering the same adventure experience, Mashpi Lodge is every nature lover’s dream. Mashpi Lodge is the place to encounter 400 species of birds, trees, frogs, endemic species found nowhere else in the world, complete with crashing waterfalls and incredible flora.

*Special wellness and spa private areas

*Kids scientific laboratory

*Observation tower specially designed for birdwatching

experience on cloud forest


Enjoy the magic of panoramic views along the country.


By hiking in the islands, you will be a witness to land species in their Natural habitat.


Start experiencing the Amazon River's wildlife and landscapes on canoe rides.

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