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4, 5, 8 days

About Archipel I Galapagos Cruise

Discover the Galapagos islands

The comfortable and spacious Archipel I cruise offer stable double hulls, wide decks and large social areas, all of which are near to each other.

Each catamaran offers eight cabins above the waterline, with two sea-view windows. They also include clean private facilities, hot/cold water, low beds, air-conditioning, and storage space for a comfortable stay.

The Archipels have ample social areas that will complement a comfortable stay. Shared with a total of just 16 guest; the lounge, solarium, resting areas and ‘Al Fresco’ dining area are great choices for you to relax and enjoy the nature that surrounds you. The itineraries are either 4, 5 or 8 days, and tour the most popular and awesome visitor sites in the Galapagos islands, where active explorers will climb to the rims of active volcanoes, witness unique endemic wildlife like land iguanas, blue-footed boobies and Galapagos penguins, and snorkel in some of the most beautiful marine environments in the world

Exterior photo of the Archipel I cruise sailing in the Galapagos islands

Archipel I Cruise itineraries

Prepare yourself to immerse in one of the most biodiverse locations in the world.


  • Day 1 – San Cristobal (Airport – Interpretation Centre and Frigate bird Hill)
  • Day 2 – Santa Fe – South Plaza
  • Day 3 – North Seymour – Chinese Hat
  • Day 4 – Santa Cruz Island (Twin Craters – El Chato Reserve) – Transfer out Baltra Airport
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Archipel I Cruise details

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  • Lodging on board in cabin with private facilities.
  • All meals, water, coffee and tea.
  • English speaking guide
  • Shared shuttle transfer to Quito or Guayaquil airport *only departure transfer (included only if the Galapagos flight has been booked through us on our scheduled departure cruise dates).
  • All transfers in Galapagos (airport-yacht-airport transfers are only guaranteed if the flight has been booked through us).
  • Towels
Snokeling in galapagos island


This is one of the greatest and most abundant marine life snorkeling spots in the world!


By hiking in the islands, you will be a witness to land species in their Natural habitat.


Meet up close thousands of endemic and exotic species on your bucket list.

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