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Enjoy a breathtaking experience on board of best Galapagos cruises. This is the ideal way to get as deep as possible and see abundant endemic wildlife. There are some specific islands that you can reach only by taking a Galapagos cruise: Fernandina Island, the west side of Isabela Island, Elizabeth bay, Genovesa Island, Marchena, Darwin, Wolf, and some points of Floreana and Española. Deeper as you go, better chances to see wildlife in their natural pristine habitat.

You can choose your favorite Galapagos tours between our 4 different Diving or Naturalist cruise categories: Standard, Mid Rage, First Class and Deluxe. We are happy to help choosing the best cruise in the greatest deals.

Galapagos Cruise
Galapagos Cruise
Galapagos Category
Galapagos Category
Type of boat
Type of boat

Grace Cruise

From $8.500

Galapagos Sky Cruise

From $7.395

Evolution Cruise

From $7.200

Tiburon Explorer Cruise

From $6.995

Humboldt Explorer Cruise

From $6.195

Hermes Cruise

From $6.195

La Pinta Cruise

From $5.643

Cormorant II Cruise

From $5.145

Galaxy Sirius Cruise

From $4.800

Galaxy Diver

From $4.780

Nortada Cruise

From $4.750

Elite Cruise

From $4.490

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Tourists enjoying the beauty of the birds in the galapagos islands

Which are the differences between Galapagos cruise categories?

At Expedition Ecuador, we have the best selection of Galapagos Naturalist or Diving cruises in any category.

The difference between the cruise categories is more regarding the comforts, yacht features, and type of boat than the itineraries and visitors’ points.


Tourist snorkeling in Galapagos

It is important to mention that all cruises itineraries are regulated by the Galapagos National Park, so in terms of wildlife, you will probably see almost the same species in any category.

You will have a personal travel advisor who will help you choose between our 60 Galapagos cruises.

Here are some features to keep in mind, classified by our four categories:

Standard galapagos cruises: These cruises are the most budget-minded Galapagos yachts. Every boat does offer all the necessary services and a staff that will make sure you enjoy your tour. All boats in this category are small in size, typically all accommodation is distributed in bunk beds, and all cabins have private bathrooms with showers, toiletries & air conditioning.

Mid-range galapagos cruises: These cruises offer the perfect balance between comfort and a fair price. Most offer lower, double or triple beds instead of bunk beds due to the cabin´s size. If you plan on traveling to the Galapagos on a special occasion, you can consider this category. It is common to book an 8-day cruise because of the budget friendly rates. 

First class galapagos cruises: Close to luxury but not there yet by Galapagos standards, First Class cruises are the perfect way of traveling through the Galapagos in superior comfort without reaching the luxury price tag. The overall structure of the boats in this category makes the navigation much steadier, most of them are catamaran style cruises.  It offers big social areas, spacious cabins, and sometimes even a Jacuzzi in the sundeck.

Deluxe galapagos cruises: The climax of quality for an onboard cruise experience during your voyage through the Galapagos Islands. Deluxe cruises pay attention to every detail to provide a top-notch service, buffets for all meals served on board & luxurious cabins. Most cabins will be considered suits as they offer big beds, spacious bathrooms, lots of amenities, and even balconies!

If you plan to combine some days with diving and other activities such as: trekking, snorkeling, beach stays, and birdwatching, you have some options. Please see below our recommendations, as it is not possible to combine Diving cruises with Naturalist cruises.

We recommend either taking an 8-day Diving cruise and stay a couple of days at the main islands of Santa Cruz, San Crsitobal or Isabela and take daily snorkeling, trekking and birdwatching tours; or the other option is taking 4 to 8-day Naturalist cruises and book Diving day tours from Santa Cruz or San Cristobal islands. Check out How to arrive to the Galapagos islands.

The Galapagos islands is just one of the greatest Diving destinations worldwide, you have great chances to see: huge schools of scalloped hammerheads, silky sharks, manta rays and of course whale sharks, and many more!

In order to dive in the Galapagos Islands, you must have a PADI license. If you have just a few immersions, we recommend taking our great diving day tours combined with naturalist cruises or Land Based tours.

For any diving tour, you must fill out a form with all the information about your experience, health basic information, and other details to help us guide you to the best Galapagos tour option.

There are different options out there, the cost of your Galapagos cruise will depend on many factors and your trip expectations. It is a good idea to keep in mind the following facts:

  • How long will you like to stay on the islands?
  • Would you like to book a Naturalist cruise or Diving cruise? Maybe combining both type of experiences?
  • How many people are travelling with you? Are all adults or any children travelling as well?
  • Are you interested in any particular wildlife or places to see?
  • Are you travelling in the high season (Easter, school vacation time, Christmas, New Year’s eve)?

Leave your data and set an orientation call. One of our travel experts will contact you in 24 working hours. They can easily help with any questions and give you a personalized quote based on your travel plans, budget, and preferences.

Besides the type of tour, you have to keep in mind an extra cost on your Galapagos trip:

  • Flight tickets to Galapagos: an average of $500-$540. Usually, there are reduced deals, but it is a good idea to match flights with your tour logistics.
  • Transit Control Card: $20 per person, cash only at Quito or Guayaquil Airport.
  • Galapagos National Park Entrance fee: $100 per person, cash only at Baltra or San Cristobal airport.

Tip: If you are particularly interested on a specific cruise, wildlife or itinerary, then booking well in advanced is highly recommended.

Of course! We have amazing last-minute deals that can help with your budget.

Last-minute cruises are usually available 3 weeks to a month prior to the departure of a specific date on a cruise. The closer you book to the departure date, the better the rate will be, yet the risk of there being no spaces available or booking tours that are not tailored to your specific interests will also inherently grow. Contact us and request a last minute deals now!

Galapagos child discounts are often available and valid for kids under 12 years old.  



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