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Galapagos Islands cruise


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Cruise type

Motor Yacht


8 days

About Galaxy Diver Galapagos Cruise

Discover the Galapagos islands

This exclusive live aboard will take you to the most incredible diving sites in the Galapagos Islands and will allow you to discover it hidden underwater galaxy, offering a unique experience for diving lovers.

Explore the great variety of underwater life in this marine reserve with an excellent and experienced staff and cutting – edge dive equipment. Live a world – class diving experience surrounded by sharks, whales, manta rays, rays, turtles, penguins, iguanas, sea lions and much more, all in one place.

External view of Galaxy Diver

Galaxy Diver itineraries

Prepare yourself to immerse in one of the most biodiverse locations in the world.


  • Day 1 – Baltra Airport – Bachas Beach
  • Day 2 – Santiago Island Sullivan Bay – Rabida Islands
  • Day 3 – Fernandina Espinoza Point & Isabela Islands Tagus Cove
  • Day 4 – Isabela Island Urbina Bay – Elizabeth Bay
  • Day 5 – Isabela Island Tintoreras– Wetlands
  • Day 6 – Floreana Island Post Office Bay – Cormorant Point
  • Day 7 – Santa Cruz Island Highlands – Charles Darwin Station
  • Day 8 – Seymour – Baltra (Airport)
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Galaxy Diver details

Learn everything about your favorite destination

  • Transportation and fuel surcharge in the Marine reserve of Galapagos.
  • Accommodation in single, double or triple cabin according to you booking
  • 2 Bilingual Dive Masters
  • Personalized crew service
  • All meals during the cruise, from lunch on the first day to breakfast on the last day.
  • One snack after each activity (except last day)
  • Welcome cocktail
  • Unlimited purified water, coffee and tea
  • All visits, excursions & activities according to the itinerary
  • Transportation Airport-Channel/ Channel-Airport (Lobitos Bus)
  • Docks use and ferries.
  • Shampoo, hair conditioner, and soap for daily use
  • Beach towels
  • Soft drinks
  • Weights & Belts
  • 12L Tank
  • Nitrox use
  • Surfer Marker Buoy
Snokeling in galapagos island


This is one of the greatest and most abundant marine life snorkeling spots in the world!


By hiking in the islands, you will be a witness to land species in their Natural habitat.


Meet up close thousands of endemic and exotic species on your bucket list.

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