Terms and conditions

EXPEDITION ECUADOR establishes the terms and conditions for contracting tour packages and its various services as a tourist service provider.

Booking with us:

  • In order to booking a tour with us, we need complete information about all travelers (traveler data form).
  • For Galapagos tours and any tour which involves issuing flight tickets we need the traveler data form and passport information.
  • Expedition Ecuador will use this information to issue your tickets and travel vouchers, but will not be shared, loaned or sold to any other third party.
  • Expedition Ecuador will provide all of the necessary and personalized information that you will require about your travel tour or package.
  • Expedition Ecuador will provide you with all the tickets and travel vouchers required for your participation on booked tour
  • In case of Emergency, Expedition Ecuador will contact your family, insurance company and / or embassy in case of accident caused by acts of providence or force majeure. Expedition Ecuador will not be held responsible for injuries, illness, death or any other damage caused under any circumstances by you.
  • The information shared must be accurate and real, the competent authority may at any time review the passenger identification documents.


  • Expedition Ecuador is committed to give you the best prices according availability, seasons and promotional prices.
  • Expedition Ecuador reserves the right to change the price of a tour without prior notice in the event of any price increase beyond their control including fuel surcharges, changes to government taxes, and changes to published flight prices.
  • The prices provided by your travel agent are subject to change due availability, prices and departure dates may will not be available at the booking time.
  • In order to guarantee your spaces and rates, we must proceed with the booking process.


  • In order to confirm any tour, we must receive a payment from your side.
  • If your trip is booked with more than 60 days in advance, we will require 40% deposit payment, which must be received within 1 week (7 days) of the original booking.
  • If your reservation is made less than 61 days prior to trip departure, then full tour payment is required within 1 week of the original booking.
  • We have different payment methods, please ask your travel agent which is the best option for you:

– Credit or debit card – online payment

-US bank account – wire transfer

-Ecuador bank account – national transfer

  • For last minute bookings (less than 15 days) we only receive credit card payment.

Cancellation policy

* Any cancellations made by you must be made via email and will only be effective once the agency is in receipt of the communication. We will communicate within 24 hours of receiving your cancellation.

  • If your cancellation is received 91 days or more before the starting date of the trip, the initial 40% deposit value will be refunded, less a charge of USD $200 for administrative services & operator cancellation fees.
  • If your cancellation is received between 61 and 90 days before the start of the trip, you will forfeit 100% of the initial 40% deposit value per service. If you have paid the full amount, the 60% will be refunded per service.
  • If your cancellation is received less than 60 days before the start date of the contracted trip, you will forfeit 100% of the total tour value due administrative services & operator cancellation fees.

* For third company booking, we must follow their own cancellation policies. Expedition Ecuador will act as an intermediary in negotiating refunds with the operator on your behalf. We Cannot guarantee a successful response or refund from The TOUR OPERATOR.

* The company reserves the right to cancel or modify the tour itinerary due to force majeure or acts of providence such as wars, internal commotion, protests/strikes, terrorism, fire, natural disasters, public authority decisions, or any other extreme circumstances; this may include substitution with a comparable yacht, guide, hotel, transport, meals, sightseeing destinations.


We are committed to provide you the best quality of service in our tours. Should you experience any issues, please inform the guide or your travel agent as soon as possible in order to give us the opportunity to find a fast solution during your tour.

In circumstances where you have received less than satisfactory service or are unhappy with our product, we would appreciate written notice so we can investigate.

Expedition Ecuador will not be responsible for giving refunds in any of the following situations:

  • Voluntary changes of the itinerary after departure, during the trip
  • Mechanical issues affecting any form of transport on the trip.
  • Late arrival or no-show of the travelers
  • Your decision to leave the tour early or miss any activities / meals / accommodations / services during the tour.
  • If the client is travelling without necessary documentation including passport, visas, immigration papers which delays or cancel the trip
  • Price differences paid by different passengers aboard the same tour including special last minute rates.
  • Decisions by any third party that affect the normal running of the tour including by the operator, Ecuadorian government or national park authority.


    • Is responsibility of all travelers to have all immigration documents in order according to Ecuadorian law and to have a valid passport at least 6 months after your return date of travel.
    • The passenger agrees to the contracting of third-party services for the fulfillment of the tourist package contracted.
    • The activities that the passenger contracts externally from the Expedition Ecuador are entirely the responsibility of the passenger.
    • Expedition Ecuador must be informed of any medical problem, allergy, food requirement or diet or special need due to disability or other need, it is the passenger’s responsibility to provide such information when hiring the tourist package (information required in the data form of the traveler). We will organize any special requirements in accordance with this document.
    • In case of requiring an additional service for medical needs or special requirements. Expedition Ecuador is not obliged to cover these expenses, the passenger must cover their own needs.
    • The passenger is responsible for his personal care in the participation of each activity, he must be aware that if there is an excess of his part and the risk he assumes is exceeded, he must maintain due personal care and moderate behavior. Expedition Ecuador will inform the passenger that he understands the details of each activity, under his responsibility, he will be aware of whether he wishes to do it or not.
  • The passenger must understand the risks involved in the practice of extreme sports and activities that require a higher level of care due to their danger. Expedition Ecuador is not responsible for injuries or damages caused to the person or their belongings for practices considered risky or that did not have their personal care.
  • It is the responsibility of each passenger to take care of their personal items, the agency is not responsible for theft or damage to them.

The agency

In addition to the obligation to fulfill the contracted service,

The agency is especially bound to the following:

  • To fulfill its work with the diligence and professionalism that requires providing a quality service as a tour operator.
  • Maintain absolute confidentiality and reservation regarding the information provided by the passenger, as well as not using said information for other purposes that are not related to the tourist package contracted.
  • Give guarantee of the service performed in accordance with the parameters established in these terms and conditions


The passenger and Expedition Ecuador undertake to maintain strict confidentiality about the processes and information provided by the parties, due to mutual protection at the time of contracting the service.

Strict confidentiality will be maintained in payment methods, billing and exclusive benefits.

Privacy Policy

  • Expedition Ecuador to provide a better service and protection to the personal data of each passenger establishes the following parameters in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Ecuador and contractual relationship when purchasing a tourist package.
  • The passenger must electronically provide an image stating his passport, all personal information provided by the passenger has a strict reserve of information under the laws of the Republic of Ecuador, the company responsible for managing the information will protect the data and may not market them, keeping all passenger information in reserve.
  • All information requested by the Ecuador Expedition is in accordance with Ecuadorian laws, the information requested will be strictly for tax matters and control of the tax office of the Republic of Ecuador.
  • All information provided by the passenger will be used in order to achieve an optimal quality service on your trip.
  • The passenger agrees that Expedition Ecuador can be contacted by any means to inform new tourist packages and promotions, may request that they no longer contact him.
  • For a better experience and service our website uses cookies in order to provide an optimal and personalized service to each client, upon entering our website you accept the use of them, if there is disagreement with this modality you are free to leave the system and make contact with our agency in another way.


If there is any controversy surrounding the contracted service, it must be communicated directly with Expedition Ecuador to resolve it.

If there is no agreement of the parties, it must be treated at a mediation center in the city of Quito in the Republic of Ecuador.

EXPEDITION ECUADOR is the trademark which belongs to the company Travel Santint Cia. Ltda. Who is responsible for all the management and logistics established in the terms and conditions as contracted.


In the terms and conditions expressed, having read and understood the full content of this instrument, it is affirmed and ratified therein and as a sign of acceptance of the provisions